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In this short blog, I wanted to provide a quick overview of the chapter I wrote titled ‘Deceleration in Sport: Incidence, Demands and Implications for Training?’ which features in the book edited by Paul Jones and Tom Dos Santos titled ‘Multi-Directional Speed in Sport: Research to Application’. In this chapter and this blog ‘deceleration’ is […]

In my previous blog I outlined why deceleration and braking have such significant implications for sports performance and injury-risk reduction for athletes participating in multi-directional sports. I highlighted that: Intense decelerations are highly frequent in match-play, and The braking steps associated with decelerating are characterised by a unique ground reaction force profile imposing high impact […]

Welcome to Human Braking Performance! My name is Dr Damian Harper and I am delighted to officially launch the Human Braking Performance website. This website is dedicated to generating and sharing new knowledge, insights and solutions to coaches, sport scientists and medical practitioners on how to optimise athlete performance and injury resilience by enhancing deceleration […]