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Chapter 5: Deceleration in Sport: Incidence, demands and implications for training?

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Deceleration ability: Testing, developing underpinning qualities, and the braking performance framework

Proficient deceleration

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Linking horizontal deceleration with change of direction testing. With Ola Eriksrud (1080 motion)

Developing deceleration ability. Live roundtable with Lee Taft and Iva Casagrande

Testing and training deceleration ability. Live roundtable with Mark Jamison and Ted Rath

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Deceleration insights for team sports

Measuring deceleration capabilities: What to measure and how to measure it?

Sci of MDS

Horizontal deceleration: A critical, but often overlooked for speed performance and injury-risk reduction in multi-directional sports

Sci of MDS

Deceleration: The most mechanically demanding task in multi-directional sports?

Sci of MDS

Don't speed up what you can't slow down! How are we assessing our athletes horizontal deceleration capabilities?